Beginning December 1st, V-MApp will be decommissioned, and this page will no longer be linked to. Please begin using the tools provided on our new website, There you will find all the tools available in V-MApp broken out into new tools, and possibly seperate applications. Please work to get familiar with what the new site has to offer, and if necessary, training will be made available upon request beginning in December. This page will continue to run along-side our new website until the end of the year.


The Vilas County Mapping Department accepts custom project and service requests from the public, which are completed on a first-come first-serve basis. Time to complete these requests varies depending on workload and availability; we request that you allow for a two-week turnaround for most standard project requests. Payment must be received in advance, and all checks should be made out to "Vilas County". Please see our fee schedule for pricing.

Land Records

Please use the interactive mapping applications below to access weekly-updated land records information. Also, use the search boxes to find surveys on file with the Vilas County Mapping Department.

Parcel Map

Shows pertinent information for land records professionals, including tax parcel boundaries and PLSS information; links to tax info and DNR lake info are provided.


Right-of-Way Maps

Index for highway and railroad right-of-way maps on file with Vilas County; links to plat PDFs and DOT town road inventory reports are provided.


Owner Listings

A simple map that includes tools which allow for the selection and export of tax parcels records. Will also easily generate lake listings.

Property Tax Info | Opt-Out Info | RODDirect | Original Public Land Survey Records | NGS Data Sheets | State Cartographer's Office | WI Society of Land Surveyors | WI Historic Aerial Image Finder | Arthur H. Robinson Map Library


Use the resources below to view addresses and find address changes throughout the county. Use the readdressing guide if you have questions related to your readdressing process.

Address Map

Address points and driveways laid on top of a basic parcel map.

Readdressing Guide


Use the tools below to view general zoning information for Vilas County, along with related information and permits.


Shows zoning districts for Vilas County and City of Eagle River along with tax parcels, roads and water. Parcels include links to scanned permits.

County Zoning Department | FEMA's Flood Map Service Center | NRCS Web Soil Survey


Use one of the interactive maps below to explore the many recreational opportunities Vilas County has to offer.

Motor Sports

Shows snowmobile and ATV/UTV trails in Vilas County, along with peripheral recreational opportunities, such as lake access and camping.


Silent Sports

Shows hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, equestrian and paddling trails in Vilas County, along with trail amenities and other peripheral recreational opportunities, such as lake access and camping.

County Tourism Department | County Forstry and Recreation Department | DNR Lakes | Forest Tax Law Lands Open to Public Recreation (DNR)


Use the interactive map below to view voting information for wherever you live in Vilas County.


Shows voting districts and wards and their relation to tax parcels, roads and structures. Also includes polling location information and supervisor contact info.

County Clerk's Office | County Election Information


V-MApp is Vilas County's legacy all-in-one online GIS mapping application. This application is being depreciated; please try one of our purpose-driven, mobile-ready applications above. Adobe Flash is required to use V-MApp and is therefore not for use on mobile devices.
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